B.R.A.T Diet For Pets

B.R.A.T Diet For Pets

Much like for children and others suffering stomach or diarrhea problems the B.R.A.T Diet can also be utilized for dogs and other pets.

Before starting your pet on any dietary change be sure to always consult your pet care provider to ensure your pets safety.

If you have concluded that your pet indeed does need the B.R.A.T Diet than you can start your pet slowly on this dietary change to help them recover quickly and without medications. First things first make sure your pet is showing symptoms of diarrhea and has no allergies to breads, rice or bananas. The B.R.A.T Diet consists of these ingredients and you can implement them to your pets tastes.

For smaller pets it may be best to crumble up the toast and much up the bananas to avoid choking. Once the pieces are ready to be consumed introduce them slowly to your pet to allow them to feel comfortable eating this new dietary change. You also may want to add a small bit of peanut butter to entice your pet to eat the new diet.

Monitor your pet closely to make sure they are responding well to the B.R.A.T Diet and that no other symptoms are developing or present.

Make sure you also try not to give your animal wheat as it may aggravate the problem more. The B.R.A.T Diet can also be used for other problems regarding pets other than diarrhea.

For example if your pet has eaten something harmful and you are waiting for it to pass it may be a good idea to start your animal on this diet as to keep nutrients still in their system but also allowing a simple digestive process.

It is also good to know that you want to keep your animal hydrated if they are showing signs of diarrhea as diarrhea is a sure sign of nutrients and hydration being lost.

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